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Red Cabbage and Onion Slaw Latest recipes

Red Cabbage and Onion Slaw

Red Cabbage and Onion Slaw Recipe No shade to your standard church picnic slaw, but these days we’re more into this understated variety, with just crunchy vegetables, salt, a good squeeze to soften the veg, and a splash of seasoned rice vinegar for brightness.Ingredients6 cups thinly sliced red cabbage¼ red onion, very thinly sliced¼ cup seasoned rice vinegar2 Tbsp.

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Fluffy cake pudding, whiskey cream and goji New recipes

Fluffy cake pudding, whiskey cream and goji

Preparation: I used the butter to grease the walls of a 28 cm cake tin (you can use any tray you want) and I spread two tablespoons of jam over the layer of butter on the bottom of the pan. I placed the thick slices of cake that I -I greased with a fine star of butter, sprinkling among them the dried fruits.

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Cream of Artichoke New recipes

Cream of Artichoke

Prep 15minTotal30minServings4Ingredients1cup canned or steamed artichoke heartsSalt and pepper, to tasteStepsHide Images1Combine the artichoke hearts with the vegetable broth in a blender until achieving a smooth mix.2Add the mix to a soup pot and heat over medium heat. Add the fresh cream and butter, and stir.

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Bill Murray Throws Fans’ Phones Off Restaurant Roof New recipes

Bill Murray Throws Fans’ Phones Off Restaurant Roof

Bill Murray tossed some fans’ phones off a restaurant for taking his pictureWIkimedia/SiebbiBeloved actor Bill Murray reportedly lost his temper with some fans and threw their phones off the roof of a California restaurant.Actor Bill Murray has a reputation for engaging in wacky hijinks with fans and passersby, but this week police were called to a California restaurant after he reportedly lost his temper with a few of them and threw their phones from the restaurant’s rooftop bar.

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Green beans with mushrooms and chicken breast New recipes

Green beans with mushrooms and chicken breast

We wash the chest, drain it and cut it into thin strips, which we add with salt and pepper. Quickly pass the mushrooms through a stream of water, wipe them and slice them. Peel the garlic and cut it finely. In the hot oil, put the chicken breast and stir occasionally until it starts to brown slightly. Remove the chicken breast on a plate, then put the garlic in the remaining oil, then the mushrooms.

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Vanilla cream donuts New recipes

Vanilla cream donuts

Preparation of the donutsPut the water with the oil, vinegar and salt to boil. When the water boils, remove the bowl from the heat and add all the flour. Mix well so that it does not remain lumpy and put it on the fire for a little longer (1-2 minutes, stirring constantly). Turn off the heat, let the dough cool and then put the eggs one by one, one by one (put an egg and mix well with circular motions, until it is incorporated into the dough).

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